Betachek Control Solution 1 and 2

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Intended use: For use with BETACHEK® C50 blood glucose monitoring system as a quality control check to verify accuracy.


BETACHEK® control solutions are aqueous solutions containing a specific proportion of glucose which when used in place of blood will react with BETACHEK® C50 test cassettes. The Control Solution should give results within the expected range printed on the container label. Obtaining a result within the expected range will verify the system's performance.

Control Solution should be used
-After opening a new pack of test cassette
-After you have replaced the batteries
-After you have cleaned your meter
-If you obtain unexpected results.
-Whenever you suspect the meter or test cassette may not be functioning properly.
Use of Control Solution is also recommended for teaching or learning how to use the system.

Contents of the pack:
1 x 4ml bottle of high range glucose control solution
1 x 4ml bottle of low range glucose control solution
1 x package insert.