BETACHEK C50 results can be automatically transmitted to your Apple or Android device wirelessly making it easy to view, save and manage your health data.

BETACHEK® Diabetes Management App



- Results are automatically uploaded to your iphone or ipad.

- Results are presented in tables, graphs and pie charts.

- add notes to any test result.

- export data as a pdf or csv file.

- text, email or print a complete summary.



 MedM Health® Blood Sugar Diary for Diabetes

MedM Diabetes is a mobile app designed to simplify blood sugar tracking and monitoring at home or on the go. The application has a clean and intuitive interface and works with or without registration. The mobile diary logs blood sugar data automatically from the Betachek C50 glucose monitor. The readings can be stored directly on the smartphone, synced with Apple Health/Google Fit, backed up to MedM Health Cloud, and shared with loved ones or caregivers. The app has built-in analytical tools for observing blood sugar trends.

Quick Guide: Connecting to the MedM App: CLICK HERE

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VIDEO – How to use the BETACHEK®
diabetes management app


* BETACHEK® C50 has an on-board internal wireless transmitter. There is no need to purchase or carry any cables or connectors.