FAQs - Finger Pricker

Finger Pricker

Make sure you press the depth adjuster firmly against your finger before you press the S button.
If you press the depth adjuster against your finger lightly it will not penetrate as deeply as it should. 

Warm your hands
Your fingers need to be very warm before pricking. Make sure you use warm to very warm water when you wash your hands so they are hot when you use the pricker. In cool weather warm your hands in front of a heater until they are pink. Cold and white fingers will not produce blood easily.  

Prick the side of the finger and try different fingers
Prick the side of a finger where the skin is softer. Try different fingers. The tip of the pointing finger is usually the hardest place to obtain blood. The pinky or ring finger can be the easiest.   

Hang your arm down low before and after pricking
Keep your arm hanging down low to allow blood to fill the fingers, then gently massage the blood out into a small drop.

Check the penetration depth adjuster is set to maximum (5)

To recharge the finger pricker close and open the sensor cover
If you pressed the S button but did not get a good drop for whatever reason, you can close the sensor cover and open it again to re-cock the finger pricker. As long as the blood drop icon is flashing the meter will not be turned off by this action.


Still not enough blood or no blood?
Check that the lancing device is cocking and firing. When you open the sensor cover the lancing device is cocked. When you press the S button there should be a firing noise. If nothing happens then please contact support:

[email protected] 




To re-cock the finger pricker, simply close and open the sensor cover. 


If you have a test in place and the meter is waiting for a drop of blood, but your first finger prick failed, you can simply close the cover and open it again to re-cock the finger pricker. You can do this as many times as you need to.

Betachek C50 lancets are available on this website in packs of 200.

In the UK they are also available on the NHS and can be ordered in by any UK pharmacy.

(Needle Size = 0.4mm/28 Gauge)

PIP code: 244-2861

It is recommended that you replace the lancet after each use, however in practice many people do not do this and instead change the lancet once a week, for reasons such as economy, convenience or reducing plastic waste.  

Although a finger prick is a very superficial wound, if you reuse a lancet multiple times the lancet can become blunt and more painful and may cause redness around the puncture site.

Betachek C50 lancets are the lancets you can buy if you need more. They come in packs of 200.

Lancets can be found under the products drop down menu.