FAQs - App Questions


1. Press the M button on the meter to wake it up. 

2. Open the app on your device and swipe down on the page to make it to search for the meter and upload.

This assumes the meter has been paired to the app. If not please pair the meter with your device.

Watch the video: https://betachek.com/videos

Wireless data transfer and Battery Life

The Betachek C50 turns off its wireless signal 2 minutes after a test to conserve battery. If the app is opened 2 minutes after a test the meter needs to be woken up by pressing the M button. The meter will then turn on bluetooth and start searching for the app.

The app when open searches for the meter periodically. To make it search immediately, rather than waiting you can swipe down on the app screen.

Yes. The Betachek C50 meter is compatible with the MedM Health App. This is available for Android and Apple devices. 

For futher information visit the MedM website:


For a complete list of Apps compatible with the Betachek C50  https://betachek.eu/get-app/