Betachek C50 lancets are available on this website in packs of 200.

In the UK they are also available on the NHS and can be ordered in by any UK pharmacy.

(Needle Size = 0.4mm/28 Gauge)

PIP code: 244-2861

It is recommended that you replace the lancet after each use, however in practice many people do not do this and instead change the lancet once a week, for reasons such as economy, convenience or reducing plastic waste.  

Although a finger prick is a very superficial wound, if you reuse a lancet multiple times the lancet can become blunt and more painful and may cause redness around the puncture site.

Betachek C50 lancets are the lancets you can buy if you need more. They come in packs of 200.

Test cassettes come with an expiry date of 12 to 18 months - see the test cassette packaging for the expiry date. 

After loading a cassette you have 90 days to use all the tests. The meter will warn you when the 90 days is approaching. After 90 days the meter will flash EXP to indicate that the cassette has expired. 

Yes. The Betachek C50 meter is compatible with the MedM Health App. This is available for Android and Apple devices. 

For futher information visit the MedM website:


For a complete list of Apps compatible with the Betachek C50  https://betachek.eu/get-app/