BETACHEK®  is the registered name of National Diagnostic Products (NDP),  a company based in Sydney, Australia. For over 30 years, NDP has developed, manufactured and marketed pioneering diabetes monitoring products. BETACHEK® products have a reputation for quality and innovation.


The BETACHEK® range of products include:

  • BETACHEK® Visual
  • BETACHEK® Glucoflex

NDP is dedicated to providing next generation diabetes monitoring through a commitment to research and development. Improvements in ease of use, test time and other parameters continue to give Betachek products the features that reduce the burden of testing. Our research and development has resulted in several milestone achievements including:


  • The most accurate visually readable test for blood glucose
  • The first 5 second test for blood glucose
  • The first memory card equipped blood glucose meter allowing a permanent record of all test results.
  • The first cassette meter with fully integrated finger pricker.

  BETACHEK - abbreviation of beta cell check. Beta cells produce insulin and are located in the pancreas.