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1. Lance

No test strip
handling or

2. Apply

One thing to carry

Conventional test kitCOMPLEXITY

BETACHEK C50 replaces a test kitSIMPLICITY

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50 test cassette

Never handle test strips again. Simply push and click a new 50 test cassette into place when needed.

How the cassette works

50 tests are stored on a continuous tape in a test cassette. Used tests are stored in a separate chamber of the cassette. No mess, no fuss.

Compact Fully Integrated lancing device

The C50 meter has a built-in precision engineered lancing device with 10 penetration settings to produce virtually pain free sampling.


Every cassette has a microchip. The chip is read wirelessly by the meter and the information is used to adjust the calibration. This is more accurate than the fixed calibration found in most meters. It allows adjustment of the calibration for every batch and therefore greater accuracy. It requires no input from the user and works seamlessly in the background. Betachek C50 meets or exceeds the requirements of EN ISO 15197 (2013).

Betachek blood glucose monitoring systems.
Since 1988.

Free Apps and Analysis

Your BETACHEK® C50 results can be automatically transmitted to your Apple or Android device via Bluetooth making it easy to view, save and manage your health data. Betachek C50 has the latest wireless technology - no need for adaptors or cables.

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